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Project Description

Lewis Cheung – Personal Trainer

Background & Experience

Fitness Philosophy
Have you ever listened to the song called – ‘It’s my life’? This a song from Bon Jovi, and the lyrics has a great impact to me. “It’s my life. It’s now or never.” This part of the lyric is one of my favourite motto, your decisions make changes, one action changes the storyline. If you want to have a good and happy story, then you should get started, start your workout and come join us now.

We live and work in a prosperity city that moves with high speed, have you stopped for a while and think about your future. What are you pursuing in your life? Can you make it happen without good health? It’s time to workout, get some fresh air, and I ensure that you will get a better life. Become an energetic person, make the right decision in your life. Isn;t it the best gift for yourself?

Qualifications Highlights

  • Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate – AASFP
  • First Aid Certificate – ST.John


  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Functional Training
  • Body Building
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Cardio and Endurance Training
  • Muay Thai and Fat Burn
  • Myofascial Release and stretching
  • High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT)

Project Details