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Immortal Fitness is located in Central with five stars fitness equipment with Victoria Harbour view and discreet privacy. To ensure you can enjoy a stylish, prestige and luxury training environment, different kinds of specialised training equipment are provided to fit your stylish life-style as well.

Immortal Fitness is home to a gym of of leading edge equipment and internationally qualified trainers – including an international MMA professional coach.

Immortal Fitness has a team of qualified professional trainers, they are all internationally certified with a very good reputation in the industry. We also have trainers who won multiple international MMA championship as well as being the boxing champion in U.K for 7 years consecutively. Our professional personal trainers will base on your physical capability and your fitness goal to tailored-made a fitness course for you, helping you to build a perfect body shape that you will be proud of.

You are welcomed to exercise on your own or with like minded members and a team of staff to motivate and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals.

Our dedicated staff can assist with your fitness objectives and tailor make your training and health programs to suit your lifestyle.

“Let us help you escape the pressures of corporate life.”

Why should you choose IMMORTAL fitness coach?

    1. Our coaching is tailored to your fitness and fitness goals, to design the most suitable course for you to help you create your perfect body. We will establish a personal training file for you, to ensure your workout is completed in a systematic and scientific approach.


    1. Our approach allows you more confidence during exercise, your coach will focus on the process, explain in detail, and will closely observe, assist and correct the wrong action to prevent possible accidents and ensure your safety.


    1. Your personal trainer will not only play the role of a coach, but also to guide you through the correct fitness concepts to harness your personal motivation, and provide timely encouragement to help you build your confidence so that you enjoy every moment of fitness fun.


    1. OUR TEAM can suggest a nutritional diet plan for you, based on your own characteristics, and suggest the best nutritional plan that allows you to combine exercise and diet, to achieve the best fitness results.


    1. Our coach will guide you through stretching and relaxation after exercise, including actions to be taken immediately after your workout has concluded to help your body relax and recover as fast and efficiently as possible.


    1. Choosing our fitness trainer allows you to enhance self-confidence, making sure your fitness and bodybuilding activities are full of confidence. Our comprehensive personal fitness and health training programs allows you the safest, fastest and most enjoyable activities to achieve your fitness goals, allowing you to develop confidence both in and outside of your body.